The Line of The Future

The Line Launching

Since the reveal of the kingdoms 2030 vision, there is no surprise in the huge projects and intentions in every move towards that vision. NEOM being one of the most anticipated, making it even more of an attraction, his royal highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman announced, after a three-year plan and study, the launch of The Line.

A zero-carbon city, a natural home to a million, making it the destination one looks for. 170km long development with no cars and no streets, a walking distance environment to every necessity.  “We need to transform the concept of a conventional city into that of a futuristic one,” as Prince Mohammed said, in this day and time, cities are built for people to fit in them, what The Line’s purpose is, an actual city for the people. No wasting time in transportation as done now, no rate of death in percentages due to car accidents as reported yearly, and no increasing pollution that puts our planet in danger constantly.

Input on Economical Outcome

All future projects aim to generate numerous jobs for Saudis in particular to cover, in addition to the economic diversity the kingdom is looking to achieve. Providing more than 300,000 working opportunities and an estimate of 180 billion in growth domestic products, as the crown prince says, is indeed the ideal path to our goal.

Seeing that NEOM is the project that is held by PIF, they will have a great part in funding The Line as well, in parallel with local and international investors. The construction of the revolutionary city will maintain 95% of NEOM’s nature, to be done within 2021 first quarter.

Impact on Environmental System

The launching project is nothing but the best way to assure that the kingdom is always ahead when it comes to thinking of the future. It is the input that we leave for generations to come, the ideal way of living. The Line with all the details that were mentioned by the Crown Prince, serves the environment in every way. It puts into perspective what Saudi minds are capable of, what achievements we aim to be part of. As we are the worlds biggest oil provider, we will be one of the best environmental destinations as well.

Environmental Laws View

As the first Saudi Environmental System Regulations was issued in early 1406 H, followed with several separate rules regarding each aspect of the environment, it highlights that the kingdom was always looking ahead in the sake of its natural resources. When the new regulations came overseeing and taking all the previous published regulations under its legal umbrella, the new Saudi Environmental Law issued on 10/07/2020, determines that highlighted point. The timeline of the newly published rules and the launching of The Line, was very well strategized, making sure that such a project will be delicately handled when it comes to its legal objectives.

One of the regulations most valuable purposes is working to achieve a balance between the environment, security and development, in addition, the Saudi regulations did define what Environmental Considerations are, stating they are all environmental regulations, decisions, strategies and programs that must be considered when planning any project. Which is the core interest in The Line.

The system aims to protect, develop and sustain the environment, adhere to environmental principles, and regulate the environment sector and its related activities and services.

In default, the legal aspect of any project has its significance when it comes in terms of implementing. The Saudi Environmental regulations serve a great deal in the vision of what The Line is conducted to be, enhancing the community’s awareness with these regulations is a plus and a must, for the full picture to be executed.

As the buildup for the revolutionary city takes place, every part of the Environmental legal regulations will be taken into consideration, and when its up and running, these laws will always be up-to-speed to cover the corners and maintain The Line to be the zero-carbon city.


Abdullah Alanezi                                                             Halah Hamed