About Us

ALF Law Firm PLLC is a law firm that provides various legal services under the trademark ALF. The firm specialized in the provision of general corporate, commercial and IP legal services to Saudi and foreign clients. The beginnings were in 2006 when  attorney Abdullah Al Anezi established the firm and selected Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the headquartered for ALF.

ALF lawyers speak fluently Arabic, English and French and combine a solid knowledge of Sharia, continental and Anglo-Saxon legal regimes and adopt a hands-on and practical approach to the resolution of legal issues referred to them. Due to their diverse cultural and legal backgrounds, ALF’s lawyers are ideally positioned to service a wide variety of clients from different jurisdictions and business sectors.

ALF lawyers pride themselves on being highly ethical and self-disciplined and do not compromise on compliance with laws and regulations especially those governing the legal profession and the relationship between an attorney and his client while at the same time embracing a flexible and friendly way of dealing with the firm’s clients.

ALF’s practice areas cover a broad spectrum of industries and activity segments and rely on the knowledge of its own team but also on a robust network of alliances built by the firm.

Our vision

We firmly believe that excellent lawyers are not only those who have the requisite experience and legal skills but also those who can display moral and ethical values which are instrumental in the success of a legal practitioner and which are greatly valued by our clients. That is why we use the highest professional and ethical standards when selecting our employees to ensure that our clients get quality legal services without compromising on our moral values.

Our mission

Defend and preserve the legitimate interests and rights of individuals and companies through the provision of quality legal services in a swift, diligent and professional manner.