Our legal services

  • The field of companies and businesses
  • Banking business
  • Plead before the judicial authorities
  • Arbitration, mediation and conciliation
  • Labor issues and the social security system
  • Government contracts
  • energy
  • Waste management and environmental services contracts
  • Agricultural and animal wealth investment contracts
  • Health care services
  • Insurance field
  • Communications, information technology and advertising
  • Real estate
  • Aviation contracts (purchase, sale, lease)
  • Sports contracts
  • Intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Establishing and updating executive regulations and regulations
  • The liquidation of inheritance (inheritance) and its division

The field of companies and businesses

A- Incorporation of companies.

Our firm assists clients in founding all types of companies (joint stock companies, Limited liability companies, joint venture companies) pursuant to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or foreign jurisdictions. In this regard, we undertake the drafting of the companies’ constitutional documents (e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association), follow up the incorporation formalities at the relevant ministries and departments and obtain the various licenses (i.e. CRs, industrial and service licenses), introduce our foreign clients to local partners and sponsors.

B- Acquisitions and mergers.

We formulate full or part purchase contracts for the shares or assets of existing companies or institutions registered and registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their merger contracts, perform audits of the legal status of these companies or institutions, develop reports on audits (Due Diligence), and organize virtual legal data rooms for companies (Virtual This service includes organizing electronic legal files for companies according to the main categories recognized as founding documents for companies (founding contracts, basic systems, official licenses … etc.), as well as the main business contracts category of the company for example contracts Employment, sales contracts, franchise contracts, manufacturing contracts, supply contracts, etc., and categories of employment contracts (labor contracts and work organization regulations … etc), as well as the category of intellectual property rights (such as trademark registration certificates and licenses for their use, patents, copyright …. etc.), the category of real estate property rights, the category of claims, and the category of insurance contracts.

C- Corporate governance activity.

Our services in this field include, for example, studying and reviewing corporate governance documents and setting mechanisms and procedures for the work of the company’s board of directors and the committees emanating from it, such as the Financial Audit Committee, the Governance Committee, and the specialized committee for appointing company executives.

W – Establishing and organizing the internal legal departments in companies.

This activity includes working on establishing and organizing the internal legal departments in companies through setting their organizational structure, work mechanisms, policies and procedures, and formulating the main model contracts to be used by the legal department.

C- Contracts of commercial agencies and franchising.

Our office assists its local clients in drafting and reviewing commercial agency contracts. It also assists its foreign clients in selecting local commercial agents, reviewing and registering commercial agency contracts, distribution and commercial franchise (Franchise) and providing all legal and Sharia consulting related to these contracts, ensuring that customers have a good practice of their business.

H- Commercial papers.

We provide legal advice on commercial papers (bills, checks, and bonds to an order).