Abdullah Nafia Alanezi


Abdullah is the Founder and Managing Partner of ALF PLLC. He is a seasoned Saudi lawyer specialized in business, foreign investment laws and IP law. With over 19 years of experience (since 2001) both as in-house counsel in various governmental bodies and as a lawyer and accredited arbitrator in private practice . He has set up his own law firm in Riyadh in 2006, following his resignation from his position as Public Prosecutor and as a member of the judicial committee in charge of adjudicating disputes relating to commercial instruments within the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and he currently focuses his practice on litigating intellectual property and aviation cases and advising Saudi and foreign companies on their legal affairs from their establishment and throughout their lifetime.

He also undertakes a lot of M&A work and advises companies on the divestiture of their assets and shares.
He enjoys a great deal of experience preparing and negotiating commercial, construction, contracting and government procurement contracts.
Abdullah has represented several high profile Saudi and foreign companies in court with a high rate of success in various matters (IP, Aviation, disputes between shareholders and between shareholders and the board of directors, debt recovery, public procurement cases in accordance with the provisions of the Saudi public Procurement Act, etc…).
He handled a lot of matters pertaining to commercial instruments (checks, letters of exchange, promissory notes, etc…) benefiting from his experience as a former member of the judicial committee having jurisdiction over commercial instruments’ disputes, as well as disputes relating to financial instruments, labor disputes, real estate cases (including a host of cases relating to leases and development projects) as well as cases of unfair competition.


Founding Partner
ALF Law Firm

August 2006 – Present (over 14 years) Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdullah proceeded to set up his law firm under the name of ALANEZI LAW FIRM using ALF as a registered trademark, and that was following his resignation from the Saudi Ministry of Commerce where he held a judicial position in the committee adjudicating disputes relating to commercial instruments. He has intended from the start that his practice will be business oriented and focused on advising Saudi and foreign investors in their commercial endeavours. is currently involved in a full scale restructuring of the firm designed to meet international industry standards that will enable him in the foreseeable future to tie up with a reputable regional and international law firm interested in investing in Saudi Arabia.

Legal Advisor

August 2006 – May 2010 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In this position, Abdullah supervised the registration of the company’s trademarks, logos, patents and other types of intellectual property rights. He prepared, reviewed and negotiated supply agreements, insurance policies and a host of other labor, lease and non-disclosure agreements.

He also handled the incorporation of the company’s local subsidiaries and liaised with outside counsel with regards to lawsuits filed by or against the company. He also worked extensively on amending the articles of association of the company and its subsidiaries and in his position he interfaced extensively with the Saudi Ministry of commerce and Industry, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, the Saudi Ministry of labor, the Saudi Ministry of Health, the Saudi Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the administrative court.

During his tenure at SPIMACO, Abdullah prepared legal opinions on a wide variety of topics thus assisting the company to operate in accordance with Saudi laws and regulations and also handled several significant court cases on its behalf.

Public Prosecutor & Legal Advisor
Ministry of Commerce & Industry

March 2002 – July 2006 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in those positions, Abdullah supervised the review of commercial agencies agreements including distributorship and franchise agreements. He studied, requests of companies registration, applications for trademark registration and prosecuted cases on behalf of the Ministry in relation to objections filed against decisions rejecting or accepting such applications and reviewed trademark license and assignment agreements.

He was appointed by the Minister of Commerce by virtue of Ministerial Decree No. 4711 dated November 17th, 2003 as public prosecutor entrusted with the prosecution of all administrative cases pertaining to trademark registration applications and other relevant cases filed by or against the Ministry.

He was also appointed by virtue of Ministerial Decree No.4718 dated July 17th, 2005 as legal advisor entrusted with adjudicating cases in matters of commercial instruments (checks, promissory notes etc…).

He was also appointed by virtue of ministerial Decree No.9191 dated August11th, 2005 as public prosecutor and tasked with prosecuting violations of the Commercial Registry Law and its Implementing Regulations.


Abdullah holds a L.L.M degrees in in Corporate Law and Finance from Delaware Law School – Widener University, and L.LM degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of King Abdulaziz University. Abdullah is fluent in Arabic and English.


  • Saudi Bar Association (SBA) under Membership
  • Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry RCCI
  • Accredited arbitrator in matters of commercial arbitration registered with the Saudi Ministry of Justice in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Professional License No. 119/27 issued 2006 from Ministry of justice in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  •  Participate in the evaluation of the regulations involving women participation in commercial and professional activities; attend related meetings at the Bureau of Experts within the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  •  Obtained more than 120 judicial rullings in court cases brought on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • Handed down 80 judicial rullings in cases involving commercial instruments As a member of the commercial instruments disputes settlement committee.
  • Conducted a series of training sessions to explain the provisions of Saudi laws and regulations to Saudi civil servants.
  • Won a number of trademark infringement cases before the administrative tribunal in Riyadh on behalf of Apple Computer, Inc.
  •  Won fourteen trademark infringement cases brought on behalf of the Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) against an international pharmaceutical company before the administrative tribunal in Riyadh.
  • Pleaded several aviation cases on behalf of Action Aviation (a Dubai-based aviation company) against the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) regarding a breach (nonpayment of rental fees) of operating leases pertaining to helicopters used by the SRCA for emergency medical rescue operations during the floods in the city of Jeddah.
  • Pleaded cases relating to two contracts for the operation of the Al Khayala private business aviation services (operated by NAS Airlines).
  •  Managing the legal file for establishing the joint venture of the first driving school for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Elrasheed Hamed

Elrasheed is a Senior Associate in the Litigation practice in ALF. With almost 25 years’ experience in various fields of litigation, he advises clients on trademark registration, intellectual property and contracts across criminal, civil, commercial and telecommunication proceedings.

Elrasheed worked as a senior associate over a number of years for several law firms with a strong reputation in the legal industry. Before Joining ALF, Elrasheed worked as In-house Counsel at STC, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the region, for five years. There, and throughout his career, he has developed an admirable reputation for his negotiation skills in contract negotiations and resolving contractual disputes.Elrasheed also has experience in company law and previously advised clients in establishing companies and registration of intellectual property rights.

He holds an LL.B from the University of Khartoum and is fluent in Arabic and English. He is a qualified lawyer from the Sudan Bar Association.

Lujain Alyousef

Lujain is an associate in our corporate department. She has a vast experience in corporate law in KSA. Her experience includes advising foreign investments, incorporating local and foreign companies, M&As, Liquidation and providing legal consultations in different fields of law. Such as, labour, commercial pledges,IP, tourism, construction and engineering, energy, franchise and distribution, and audiovisual media practices in KSA. Lujain had incorporated a number of joint ventures by providing services prior to the incorporation in advising the clients on the best structure to move forward with, drafting shareholders agreements, and all other requisite documentation as required by the KSA government. Also providing services during and after the incorporation process. She also specializes in contracts compliance to KSA laws. In addition, Lujain has a fair experience in commercial litigation in the Kingdom.

Prior to joining ALF, Lujain worked for couple of international law firms etc. Holman Fenwick Willan – HFW. Lujain holds an L.L.M in commercial law from Prince Sultan University, and is fluent in Arabic and English. She also is intermediate in Turkish.

Aseam Ajeeb

Asaem is an Associate in the Corporate and Litigation practice. His area of expertise includes criminal law, real estate and labour law in KSA. He advises clients on various litigation matters, including corporate cases, real estate disputes, debt recovery and IP related cases. Aseam has a vast experience in the field of liquidation and dissolution of several corporate entities in Saudi Arabia, and is well knowledged in Bankruptcy regulations. Aseam helped several foreign entities in setting up their businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Asaem used to advise our clients on food and drug area toward the regulations of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).
Asaem holds an LLM in Corporate Law and Finance from Widener University Delaware Law School and is bilingual in Arabic and English.

Mona Alshareef

Mona is an Associate in the Corporate team, her area of expertise includes commercial, corporate, labour and bankruptcy law. She has previously co-assisted in establishing various foreign investment corporations in Saudi Arabia, she has experience in advising commercial entities on various legal and regulatory matters in Saudi Arabia. Mona has advised several local, foreign and GCC entities bankruptcy and insolvency related matters.
Prior to joining ALF, Mona worked for a private law firm where she developed knowledge and experience in litigation before commercial, labour and general courts in Saudi Arabia. Mona did her internship in one of the well-known international law firms.
Mona holds an L.L.B from Prince Sultan University, and is fluent in Arabic and English.

Mohammed Kahtani

Mohammed is an Associate in the Litigation department. He has been actively representing clients who are major corporations in litigations before commercial, criminal and general courts in Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed worked and advised on various areas of Saudi Arabian corporate and commercial law in addition to establishing companies and branch offices for foreign investors.

Asim Alrfidi

Asim is an Associate in the Corporate and Litigation practice, Asim is experienced with the formation of foreign investment joint venture. Asim is involved in several aspects of litigation before different courts in Saudi Arabia and is proficient in many legal matters including commercial cases, labour cases and real estate cases.
Asaem holds an LLB in Law from Prince Sattam University, and is bilingual in Arabic and English.